MAN MADE 2002 - 2009

This series comments on the state of our man-made world.  Clear-cut: Views From the Train (©2001-02) is a series of 50 photos I took on a train trip across the U.S. and Canada in 2001.  Underneath is one month worth of my paper waste, in a graphic illustration of the waste of lumbering.  

Mountains (©2008), is a series of found photos of trash arranged in a mountain range of human design.  The piles include electronic waste, plastic and metal,  mountains of cattle dung from feed lots, and nuclear waste.  Living Mountain (©2008) explores the impact of waste, much of it from developed countries, on people in the third world.  Found images of trash are also used in Trash Quilt (©2008), a traditional quilt made from non-traditional fabric, as if to suggest we are sleeping under all this garbage we are making.