bottle caps


Plastic bottle caps - like bags, a plastic product that can’t be/ isn’t recycled.  I conceived of an endless column of these caps, after Constantin Brancusi’s iconic modernist sculpture.  One became two, and two became many.  While making these columns, I noticed the smaller caps tended to nest inside one another, and the color combinations reminded me of Chuck Close’s painted portraits.  So I got sidetracked and started on a large self-portrait (which I titled CLOSE) made entirely of bottle caps.  The piece measures 8 feet by 7 feet, and contains over 7,000 plastic caps.  No paint is used, except to delineate a few shadows where white board was showing through.  In a few cases, the caps are trimmed in order to fit a tight space.

I have also made two other large pieces with a focus on water. Tsunami is made mostly of water bottle caps. I personally think that single-serve plastic bottles are a major curse on our environment, and most especially water bottles. Most of us do not need to have bottled water at hand. Getting people used to spending more money for water than they spend for a gallon of gasoline is devious and disastrous for the future of the planet, letting corporations control our water sources is evil.

Shells, Oil Spill, which measures 4’x8’, derived from an image I found on the internet of sea shells in an oil spill in China. I appreciated the opportunity to work with the bright colors of the caps.

My Eye, which at 30” x 38” is about 5 times the detail of the eye in my large self-portrait.

Continuing a series of bottle cap eyes, Paige, John, ISM Lockport and Elin, Örebro (Sweden). In her eye is reflected a bit of skyline from that city, where I did an installation of columns in June 2013 for OpenART, the city’s summer arts festival.

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