bottle caps


Plastic bottle caps - like bags, a plastic product that can’t be/ isn’t recycled.  I conceived of an endless column of these caps, after Constantin Brancusi’s iconic modernist sculpture.  One became two, and two became many.  While making these columns, I noticed the smaller caps tended to nest inside one another, and the color combinations reminded me of Chuck Close’s painted portraits.  So I got sidetracked and started on a large self-portrait (which I titled CLOSE) made entirely of bottle caps.  The piece measures 8 feet by 7 feet, and contains over 7,000 plastic caps.  No paint is used, except to delineate a few shadows where white board was showing through.  In a few cases, the caps are trimmed in order to fit a tight space.

My Eye, which at 30” x 38” is about 5 times the detail of the eye in my large self-portrait.

I have just finished Shells, Oil Spill, which measures 4’x8’, derived from an image I found on the internet of sea shells in an oil spill in China. I appreciated the opportunity to work with the bright colors of the caps.

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