WAR GAMES 2003 - 2004

CamoFlag is an American Flag you can really get behind, er, hide behind. Untitled Grenades, nicely named “pineapple” and “ball” are ready to play, and Collateral Damage and Bucket-O-Brains is what you get when you play with these toys.

How about giving our boys a G.I. Joe Reality playset?  That way he can learn some of the real consequences of war: body bag, flag draped coffin, field memorial and Weeping Widow.  

In Family Portraits, I have appropriated iconic images of war and it’s victims, and presented them in nice frames you can put on your mantle, reminding us that these too are part of our family.  Parade Hats have left- and right-brain messages.  Right sides bear those noble words we feed our boys, like liberty and freedom and duty, and the left side of each cap bears a sports metaphor, like kill and fight and steal.

We need to stop feeding our children this garbage.

Finally, The Big Book of Bombast, which chronicles in 285 pages of newspaper headlines the maniacal push to war by the Bush administration.

All work © 2003-2004, except where noted.