Recent Shows

February 2018, Culture Bridge/ Kulturbrücke 2018, Sharpenberg Gallery, DANK Haus.  Opening reception Feb 10, 6 - 10 pm, 4740 N. Western Ave, Chicago (group exhibition).

April 2018, Grenier a Sel, Honfleur France. Opening reception April 13. (group exhibition)



New Work :

"Underwater, Atlanta 2009"  5' x 8'. Plastic bottle caps on masonite.

"Wildfire, Alberta 2015"  4.5' x 8', Plastic bottle caps on masonite.


Recent Press:

This review from Iceland

and these you-tube videos: and  (at 5:33)


Recent Publications:

Creative Extremes, 2017 Topp publications, frechverlag GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany p.64-67

Bag Coral made of crocheted plastic bags is featured on page 250-251 in “WILD ART”, a new book published by Phaidon Press,

Encyclopedia of the Bible and It’s Reception is out in print. My painting “Masculinity Complex” is a full color-plate reproduction in vol. 8, the only contemporary artwork reproduced. And I have a full 5 column inches in the section “Feminism/Feminist Hermeneutics” - right up there with Artemisia Gentileschi. I am honored!

CLOSE (2011) is featured in Art Without Waste: 500 Upcycled and Earth Friendly Designs by Patty K. Wongpakdee, Rockport Publishers 

CLOSE will also be featured in an upcoming National Geographic travel magazine from Australia and New Zealand.

Medusa Slaying Perseus (2000) is reproduced in a new high school Latin textbook "Perisylum in Belgium from Plantyn Publishers.